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How to Join

Chi Phi participates in formal IFC Recruitment, or Rush as it is often called. Formal recruitment takes place in both the Fall and Spring semesters, sometime during the first few weeks of the semester. It is a week-long process. During this week, potential new members are welcome to visit the chapter house, eat lunch and dinner with the brothers, and attend the nightly events at the house. This process provides a mutual opportunity for potential new members to get to know the brotherhood and for the brothers to see if the potential new member is a good fit for the Fraternity.

Chi Phi Recruitment

Chi Phi takes recruitment seriously as we strive to admit the best candidates into our ranks. If a candidate is seen as a good fit for the Fraternity, the brotherhood will extend a bid, which is a formal invitation to join as a new member. A bid can be accepted, declined, or held until later in the week. Once a bid is extended it is valid until the end of formal recruitment of the following semester.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What traits does the ideal candidate possess?

The ideal candidate is someone who seeks to better himself, without losing that which makes him unique; someone who seeks to impact the community and leave a legacy at the University of Florida; someone who seeks to benefit society; someone who seeks to expand their network of relationships; someone who seeks friendship in the bonds of Brotherhood; someone in who confidence thrives.

What does it mean to be a Chi Phi?

As members of Chi Phi we strive to live up to the spirit and genius of the Founders of our Fraternity. Chi Phis are men of chivalrous behavior, right action, and confidence. We profess and subscribe to a higher form of friendship: the bond of Brotherhood. Chi Phis are gentlemen who respect and defend the rights of others. We profess a devotion to high moral conduct and responsible citizenship. We are today’s campus leaders and tomorrow’s world leaders, striving for excellence in all that we do.

What can I expect from my experience in Chi Phi?

The Fraternity Aims To:

Encourage Individual Development

The Chi Phi Fraternity exists to promote a well-balanced personality and to present opportunities for social, intellectual, moral, and leadership development.

Promote Adjustment To College Life

For many, the transition from high school to college is a difficult one. Even after being on the campus for some time, personal problems will arise. The lack of adjustment to the campus has been a cause of academic failure, as well as of general unhappiness for many students with outstanding potential. Our Chapter includes an orientation to the campus, as well as guidance and aid in adjusting to the new academic community.

Build Respect for the Individual

Our program encourages and builds the individual. Our Chapter promotes understanding and appreciation for individual diversity.

Stimulate Intellectual Growth

Our first responsibility for being at college is to grow intellectually.

Promote An Understanding Of The Fraternity

Fraternity membership entails responsibility and requires knowledge of the organization and operation of the Fraternity. Brotherhood and other concepts require both thought and practice.

Promote The Diffusion Of Culture & Social Graces

Our Fraternity has the responsibility of turning out a well-rounded man. Our Chapter will encourage sensitivity for other cultures and knowledge of social manners.

Promote Friendship

These two words best describe the Chi Phi Fraternity. This is the reason that we joined. This is the reason that keeps us active in the Chapter for our college stay. And this is the reason that we stay close to the Fraternity and its members for the rest of our lives.

Provide A Beneficial Life Long Experience For Every Member

The hand of Brotherhood is always extended to every Brother. We look to provide a mutually beneficial life-long experience for every member of our organization.