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President’s Note

Becoming a Chi Phi of the Theta Delta chapter at UF is much more than just your active membership status within our brotherhood. Chi Phi has given me the tools to build myself academically, professionally, and socially to develop into a well-rounded young adult, confident in my future. The Brotherhood’s focus on True Gentleman-ship and “Building Better Men” truly embody the values that our men strive for everyday. Our outstanding involvement in numerous student-run organizations such as Student Government Senate, The Big Event, and Homecoming & Gator Growl remain a priority in developing our members during their collegiate career. If you are a prospective new member, I would highly recommend learning more about IFC recruitment and reaching out to learn more about Chi Phi!
Ethan Pollock

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Ryan Walsh

Being a brother of Chi Phi has really helped me to accomplish all my goals on campus because I know that at any given time there are over 100 men lifting me up and pushing me to reach my full potential. Our mission statement is “Building Better Men”, and I strongly believe that I’ve grown as an individual strictly because of the opportunities and leadership positions that Chi Phi has granted me. I couldn’t imagine walking this campus without my Brothers by my side and I’m proud to be a Chi Phi.

Ryan Walsh

New York

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