Give Back

General Donation To Active Chapter

Alumni and friends of Chi Phi can make general donations to the Chapter via Venmo or check.

Via Venmo:

Please send a donation listing your desired amount to Robert Cody, @Chi-Phi.

Via Check:

If you would like to make an offline donation, you can send a check to the following address:

Order To: Chi Phi Fraternity
Address: 2228 Museum Rd.
Gainesville, FL, 32603.

With either donation method please include a note expressing what you would like your donation to go toward. You can list a donation under a general category seen below, or specify your donation within a category.

  • Summer Events.
  • Recruitment Week Catering.
  • Public Relations Apparel.
  • Fall Gameday BBQs (if for a specific gameday, please specify which).
  • Fall Football Roadtrip.
  • Formal.
  • Date Functions.
  • Chi Phactor, benefitting Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County.
  • Dance Marathon, benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and UF Shands.
  • Sorority Philanthropy (if for a specific sorority, please specify which).
  • If you have visited the house recently and would like to make a donation toward a specific project or feature of the house, please specify it. The Chapter Executive Board will then review your suggestion. If suggestion is not approved then the donation will go toward assisting with the general maintenance of the house.
  • Fall Alumni Gameday.
  • Spring Alumni Weekend and Scarlet & Blue Banquet.

Educational Trust / Chapter Excellence Fund

All donations supporting Theta Delta Scholarships are made tax-deductible through the Educational Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. Please click the link below, and under “I would like to support the following,” you will have the option to support the Theta Delta Chapter Excellence Fund.

Theta Delta Alumni Association

The Theta Delta Alumni Association (TDAA) is the natural extension of the on campus student experience. The TDAA exists to further cement the bonds of brotherhood into adulthood and in the “real world” as well as support the active chapter. TDAA provides a guiding hand to the active chapter and ensures the longevity and prosperity of the active chapter.
Having lived in their proverbial shoes, the alumni are uniquely situated to help the actives with anything that arises. We can bring to bear decades of experience, both as students and graduates. Combine that with a vested interest in seeing the chapter continue to succeed due to fond memories and appreciation for the benefits Chi Phi has provided for each of us both as students and beyond, we are a key component of the active chapter.
The TDAA is working to create more value for the alumni as our alumni base continues to grow. This is done through partnering with the active chapter on semesterly alumni events, annual alumni meetings at the house, and the production of alumni newsletters.
There is no cost to join the alumni association.
If you are interested in giving back by getting involved with the Alumni Association, please contact us.

Theta Delta Housing Corporation

With an eye toward the future, the housing corporation is committed to making long-term plans for generations of Chi Phis at the University of Florida.
The Theta Delta chapter is fortunate and proud to own our house and the land at 2228 Museum Road, a.k.a. 1 Fraternity Row. The Housing Corporation is the alumni entity that owns the house. It is then rented to those who live in it and the active chapter. This ownership by Chi Phi means that the students get the best environment to grow and prosper during their school years. The alumni get satisfaction from retaining a tie to the actives and knowing that they too always have a home to return to when on campus.
Our house contains a full commercial kitchen and dining room for our actives and their guests. There are also two common rooms designed for social and brotherhood events. Additionally there is a dedicated study room. In a separate wing, there are 22 rooms for housing up to 44 brothers. This foresight in design by our alumni allow for brothers to sleep and study in peace, even while others are able to enjoy social functions.
If you are interested in getting involved with the Housing Corporation or making a donation to the house, please contact us.

Theta Delta Scholarship Foundation

Bob Cody Award & Scholarship

(“Outstanding Pledge”)
Voted on and awarded by the active newly initiated pledge brothers of the fall and spring semester pledge classes, to the most outstanding pledge in their class. Qualifications include spirit, loyalty, attendance, fraternity knowledge and leadership. No application form is required to receive this award/ scholarship.

Charles D. Wilson Award & Scholarship

(“Overall Outstanding Student Leader”)
Awarded fall and spring semesters to the most outstanding leader in the fraternity. Recipient should be recognized as a leader both on campus and within the Theta Delta Chapter.

Sparks Medal Award & Scholarship

(Academic award)
The Chi Phi Congress of 1924 authorized the awarding of the Sparks Medal as a tribute to the memory and constructive work of Edwin E. Sparks, Alpha Chi and Iota 1884, a former Grand Officer. This honor is awarded for the fall and spring semesters, to the brother with the best overall scholastic GPA. In addition, the recipient shall have assisted other fraternity members in achieving their educational goals through organizing study groups, tutoring, managing test files and promoting academics in general. Extracurricular activities are not considered except in cases of a tie. Candidates shall have been enrolled, with at least nine hours of classes, for the past two semesters.

Outstanding Chapter Athlete Award & Scholarship

(Athletic award)
Awarded fall and spring semesters, to the most outstanding fraternity athlete. The recipient should be a well-rounded athlete representing natural talent, sportsmanship, character, and sport leadership abilities in a wide variety of competitive sports. This brother shall have promoted sporting activities, game attendance and a healthy lifestyle within the fraternity.

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award & Scholarship

(Overall Excellence Award)
This honor is awarded to the active senior brother whose balance of fraternity involvement, academic achievement, individual character, honor, trust and respect are emblematic of the ideals that the Chi Phi Fraternity stands for and teaches young men. Recipient must have enough university earned credit hours to be labeled a “senior.” This high honor may only be given once to an individual brother.

Fred and Claire Davis Scholarship

Endowed by David F. Davis, Theta Delta ’73 in honor of his parents. It is awarded to a Chi Phi brother pursuing a degree in engineering, building construction or architecture. He must live in the house, be active in Chapter affairs and carry at least a 3.0 GPA over the most recent year.

Warrington Family Scholarship

Endowed by Alfred C. Warrington, IV, Theta Delta ’58 and dedicated to the memory of his father Alfred C. Warrington, III, and in honor of his mother, Nellie G. Warrington and his Chi Phi sons Alfred C. Warrington, V and Thomas Edward Allen Warrington. It is awarded to a Chi Phi brother pursuing a degree in business administration and must have a GPA of at least 3.0. He must live in the house and have demonstrated a leadership role in the active chapter first and on campus, secondarily.

Robert G. Merkel Scholarship

Endowed by Robert G. Merkel, Theta Delta ‘72 in honor and recognition of his parents.   It is awarded to a Chi Phi brother who is pursuing a law degree.  He must live in the house, be active in University affairs and maintain a GPA of at least a 2.3.

Richard Melohn Scholarship

Endowed by Richard Melohn, Theta Delta ’51. It is to be awarded to a Chi Phi brother pursuing a degree in Business Administration or Finance. He must live in the house.

Jasmund Brotherhood Award & Scholarship

Endowed by David Jasmund, Theta Delta ’80.   (Motivation, spirit, participation and commitment). This is a financial needs based scholarship awarded to the active brother whose dedication, devotion, loyalty and allegiance towards the chapter has increased unity and brotherhood within the fraternity. Faithful attendance at chapter meetings, rituals, initiation, rush and social events will be considered for this award and scholarship.

The Fredericks “Star Recruiter” Award & Scholarship

Permanently Endowed by Ken Fredericks, Theta Delta ’80. Presented to one brother, following Fall Rush and to another brother following Spring Rush, upon the recommendation of the Executive Board, a vote of the Chapter and the approval of the Chapter Advisor.  This brother shall have distinguished himself by going above and beyond all others in finding and successfully recruiting outstanding Chi Phi gentlemen into our Theta Delta Chapter. This Brother should demonstrate the importance of selecting new members who share the values of Chi Phi and will strengthen the Theta Delta Chapter as a whole.